As an industry leader in risk management, our experience and expertise can help limit losses, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction despite increasing and emerging fraud threats.  Our highly customized, innovative security solutions enable financial institutions to stay ahead of trends to effectively manage risk and fraud resolution.



  • Help prevent credit card fraud through neural network technology integrated with extensive transaction data that offers a distinct advantage
  • Leverage best-in-class data coupled with predictive analytics to effectively redefine and streamline your collection strategies
  • Elevate card fraud detection by combining the power of core analytics with the predictive power of merchant profiles
  • Ensure a higher level of transaction security through advanced decisioning tools


Redundancy in layman’s terms is backup.  There are also several different types of redundancy: Network, Hardware, Power, and Geographic. BMA has multiple layers of Redundancy to ensure that your data is safe and to maximize your uptime.

Network Redundancy
BMA’s network uses multiple connections that allow for automatic fail over in the event that the primary connection goes down. The same safeguards are in place for internal and external connections.

Hardware Redundancy
In order to maintain maximum up time, BMA utilizes redundant hardware within the network and sever environments; This allows for active fail over in the event of a catastrophe.  

Power Redundancy
Power failures are unavoidable. BMA protects against these occurrences with uninterruptible power supplies and automatic transfer to a diesel generator for prolonged power outages. 

Geographic Redundancy
We securely maintain backups at multiple offsite locations. In the rare instance there is a complete data center failure, your data is readily available at our disaster recovery site.