Proven Card Technology

Use your current card solution or select from BMA's strategic partners such as: First Data, Elan, Vantiv, Shazam, etc.

BMA is experienced in all areas of card processing including financial institutions, retail credit cards, commercial card processing, management, payment, and cash management. BMA delivers the service and solutions that drive overall operational efficiency, improve risk management and increase customer retention.

  • Utilize a customized end-to-end credit card processing program with single-source convenience
  • Minimize overall costs through greater program control plus best-in-class solutions for fraud and risk management
  • Leverage data tools to understand customer behavior in order to optimize pricing and promotional strategies
  • Maximize acquisition and retention by offering your customers advanced end-to-end commercial payment solutions to help them operate more efficiently and realize greater ROI
  • Manager commercial payments through commercial credit card processing, biller payments, and associated software applications