Core Banking Software

Doing it Right for Over 30 Years

1. Advanced Open Architectural Technology


Intuitive software that is as easy to use as your smartphone.  Open architecture solutions enable full integrations across all platforms.



2. Customer-Centric Service


Just one call to your personal Account Executive will completely resolve your needs.  No tickets or lengthy processes to complete.  BMA provides results quickly and efficiently.


3. Affordability

Our secure and responsive cloud-based data center eliminates hardware expenditures in a safe and uninterrupted environment.  BMA can save you money on your processing fees with improved system technology and a flat rate pricing model. This provides your Bank no unexpected charges that you might otherwise have experienced.


Online & Mobile

Provide your customers with BMA’s top-tier online and mobile banking platforms to improve user experience and ease of use.
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De Novo Banks

Create a lasting partnership with BMA to ensure your new bank is successful right from the start.
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Fraud & Risk Mgmt

Keep all payment data secure and easily manage risk and fraud with BMA’s highly personalized, innovative security solutions.
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Card Solutions

Improve or revamp your current card processing practices to drive operational efficiency, improve risk management, and keep more customers.
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Deposits & Loans

Manage loans and all checking, savings, retirement accounts, and more with BMA’s convenient, intuitive platform.
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Teller Systems

Cut costs and provide more accurate business results to speed up check processing and significantly improve efficiency.
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Item Processing

BMA’s advanced item processing solutions enhance the efficiency of your financial institution, in turn providing convenient service for your customer.
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With BMA, you can easily manage ACH processing costs and keep up with any electronic payments your customers have.
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Customization Through an
"Open Architecture" Environment

Prompt Service from your Personal Account Executive

Improve Bottom-Line Results

Opening a De Novo Bank?
We can Help!

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